Number Sizing System 0,1,2,3...

It may be you have come across a numerical 0-5 sizing system when trying on dresses. Ted Baker and Komodo Fashion are two examples of Labels that use this system. They equate a size 0 with a UK size 6 or XXS and both use approximately the same measurements for all sizes through to their size 5; a UK size 16 or XL. However, whilst Ted Baker's sizing conforms fairly much to the French European standard sizing guide, the Komodo Label may come up a little smaller as they seem to size between French and Italian guidelines.

Numerical (0,1,2,3,4,5) Sizes - Average Size Guide

Size Bust Waist Hips
  in cm in cm in cm
0 31.0 78.7 25.0 63.5 33.5 85.1
1 32.8 83.3 25.5 64.8 34.8 88.4
2 34.8 88.4 27.5 69.9 36.8 93.5
3 37.0 94.0 29.5 74.9 38.3 97.3
4 38.8 98.6 31.5 80.0 40.8 103.6
5 41.0 104.1 34.0 86.4 42.5 108.0

Equivalent US & European Sizes

The American equivalent of the 0-5 sizing system starts with a US size 2 through to size 12 and for standard (French) European sizing a size 0 equates to 32 and size 5 equates to size 42.

Why Another Set Of Sizes?

The 0-5 sizing may have been adopted as a unique selling point or possibly in a bid to simplify sizing on labels across a worldwide market. There are some limitations to its benefits though as sizing charts may only offer sizes 1-4. This is fine if you are a fairly average size and fall neatly into the middle at a UK size 12 or medium, American size 8 or European size 38 but you may encounter confusion or difficulties if you are a smaller or larger size. It seems they offer an average sizing guide for ready to wear or off the shelf dresses only.

Interestingly with this sizing system there is no room for vanity sizing to come into play without using negative sizes -1, -2 etc and that would just make things a little silly.


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